Are escorts really legal in Las Vegas?

When you visit Las Vegas, you will find the flyers advertising about escorting as soon as you step on the Vegas Strip. Even if the flyers are featuring nude women and they may be screaming sex, there is nowhere you will find the word prostitute or sex. Sometime tourists may think that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. Regardless if the flyer says that the girls are escorts or prostitutes, when they perform the sexual act and get money from it, then this is a criminal offence and it is considered prostitution. A person who pays for these acts will face criminal records and fines or jail time when found out.

People who have not been in the city, they may not know what it is the difference between escorts and prostitution since they think that prostitution is legal in the city.

Escorting is legal in Las Vegas

Escorting is legal in the city and it is a service regulated by the Clark County in which Las Vegas is found. The escort is said to be a person who works to accompany someone in private or public settings after being hired. Escorts are given license and they use work cards. They are not supposed to do any type of sexual activity since they may face criminal charges or they may
lose the license.

The advertisement they post have also to be regulated. They should not imply anywhere that they are offering any type of sexual conduct. Even if the women may be in lingerie, semi nude and nude and it may be said that the women can also attend to the clients in the hotel rooms but there is nothing that says about sexual service.

In Las Vegas, it is something legal to get some time to take you around the city, to go to dinner or to the shows. They can come to sit in your hotel room just to chat. When someone talks that he expects sexual acts from the escort, then this is illegal and he can face solicitation charges.

Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas

Even if most prostitution acts take place in the city are not prosecuted, sometime undercover agents may look out for the people who wants to get prostitutes using the name of the escort’s services. However, in this case, someone can defend himself using entrapment defense. This is to argue that an undercover agent was the one to persuade the accused in acting and the person was not willing and had not planned to commit the act.

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