Thet Mon Myint with Red Style…



959So you should probably wait until you are alone to make your appointment. Or if you are in the market for some double trouble, you can check out Mystic and Lori. Who, by the way, have both won top places in the annual, “Best stripper in the west” contest. If you wanted a date who is both refined and exotic, then Angelina tops the most wanted list. This is the princess of the office. She is not only the most beautiful Asian girl you will meet, but she is an absolute sweetheart! For those busty blonde lovers out there, and you know who you are, check out the bouncy, bubbly Summer. Think she looks good now? Wait until she is soaping herself behind the glass doors of your shower. Now there’s a picture to be burned into memory for life. And finally, a little something for the men who really appreciate a truly slutty gal. May we introduce Missy. Now don’t get the wrong idea. Missy is sweet, kind, and very very sexy. She is just one of those girls who likes boys. A lot! So if you like a girl with very little shyness about her, we’re talking about the type of chick who goes to the edge and brings you right along with her, then you have certainly found your ideal match. This company thrives on repeat business. With this in mind we have developed a customer service standard like no other company in the escort industry. We only work with the finest adult entertainers. Politeness, sociability, and professionalism are stand out qualities in each and every exotic showgirl we bring aboard. Gorgeous face, incredible body, and sexy dress are not only required, but are guaranteed.

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